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UKWA Storage Terms and Conditions

The industry standard Terms and Conditions of Storage are those employed by the United Kingdom Warehousing Association of which H Parkinson Haulage Ltd. is a full and active member.

Our terms and conditions are the same as those of the Association.

The UKWA Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here in PDF format and customers are respectfully advised to read through the terms to make sure that they are understood. If you are in any doubt about the effect of these terms and conditions, please contact us.

Storage of goods or business records with a third party warehouse involves a similar level of risk to that faced if you store on your own premises. H Parkinson Haulage Ltd does not accept unlimited liability and does not insure the full value of the goods or documents stored with the company. By agreeing to store with H Parkinson Haulage, you, the customer are deemed to accept these terms.

H Parkinson Haulage Ltd. are fully aware of our responsibility regarding the care of your goods and documents and our Terms and Conditions of Storage do not seek to minimise the duty, however the company will in all cases limit liability to the amount stated in the UKWA terms of storage contract.

H Parkinson Haulage Ltd.

14th January 2013