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Environmental Policy

H. Parkinson Haulage Ltd is involved in Transport and Warehousing. Operating out of Preston Lancashire, our main activities are General haulage; operating a fleet of articulated vehicles within the UK and up to 300,000 square feet of warehousing, stowing product for major blue chip, household named companies.

In the modern world any road haulage company has a duty for their business operation to limit their

The HPH Group maintain and operate our resources in an environmentally responsible manner.HPH are committed to environmental improvement and sustainability across all areas of the business, from basic recycling through to the purchasing of efficient modern vehicles.

HPH ensure our business activities minimise our consumption of materials, fuel, energy and water.

Protection of the environment in which we live and operate is part of H Parkinson Haulage Ltd’s values and principles and we consider it to be sound business practice. Care for the environment is one of our key responsibilities and is an important part of the way in which we do business.

In this policy statement we commit our company to:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practice.
  • Protecting the environment by striving to prevent and minimise our contribution to pollution of land, air and water.
  • Seeking to keep wastage to a minimum and maximise the efficient use of materials and resources.
  • Managing and disposing of all waste in a responsible manner.
  • Providing training for our staff so that we all work in accordance with this policy and within an environmentally aware culture.
  • Regularly communicating our environmental performance to our employees and other significant stakeholders.
  • Developing our management processes to ensure that environmental factors are considered during planning and implementation.
  • Monitoring and continuously improving our environmental performance.

HPH maintain a culture of safe and fuel efficient vehicles and driving on the road.

Fuel efficiency is a key factor in the success of our business therefore we constantly monitor & strive for new efficiencies every day. We develop integrated route planning solutions to optimise the efficiency of all HPH vehicles to avoid road congestion. Our vehicles are loaded to the maximum permitted in line with Government legislation & HPH utilise load consolidation and back-loads where this is compatible with our customers' requirements.

HPH Repair & Maintenance operation ensure our fuel efficient vehicles are maintained to highest standard.

In conjunction with Vosa, our Authorised Testing Facility (ATF) also ensures other Road Haulage operators comply with RPC regulations where applicable. HPH regularly review our business operation and draw upon various outside agencies sources including the Road Haulage Association, to ensure we keep up date with emerging Environmental issues. Our Transport Management System and vehicle tracking ensure our Transport & Distribution division operates efficiently, thereby reducing our environmental impact as well as providing an excellent service to our customers.

HPH are proud of our commitment to an Environment and this policy statement will be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary.

The HPH management team endorses these statements and is fully committed to their implementation.

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